Roswell Team Member Celebrates 100th Birthday with Longstanding Customer

IMG_02831Veronica Garcia, Customer Service Representative at our downtown Roswell branch, visited our longstanding customer, Ophelia Smith.  Ms. Smith was celebrating becoming a cenetarian!  She turned 100 years young and is just as spry and active as ever.

“Ms. Ophelia has been banking with us for years,” stated Veronica.  “She visits our branch every month and we can’t wait to see her.  Her smile brightens our day.”

“Lots of people were excited to actually meet a person who is 100 years old,” Ms. Smith told Veronica.  “Not a lot of people get to meet someone my age.”

The Roswell Joy Center will be hosting a party for Ms. Smith September 8.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if all of our customers would send her a birthday card?  Please address your card to:

Roswell Joy Center
attn: Ms. Ophelia Smith
1822 N Montana Ave.
Roswell, NM 88201

“Ms. Smith really is the sweetest lady,” added Veronica.

Thank you, Ms. Smith for being a great Pioneer Bank Customer.  We look forward to working with you for many years.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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