Hobbs / Pioneer Bank

Pioneer Bank Team Members Earn Advancements

#bestbank #congratulations We are proud to announce three Pioneer Bank Team Members in Hobbs have all earned advancements to Customer Service Representative Level III. This means their level of expertise in customer service is outstanding.  Pioneer Bank prides ourselves on the incomparable service our staff provides.  

Congratulations to:

  • Cristina Carranza
  • Renee Claunch
  • Willie Sanchez

Ashley Ruiz presents Cristina Carranza with her CSR III certificate

“Cristina has been our Teller Supervisor at our Joe Harvey location for quite some time,” said Ashley Ruiz, Retail Banking Supervisor.  “She has worked very hard to get to a CSR III. I am very proud of her each and every day! Cristina is a multi-tasker and handles pressure with ease and grace.”


Ashley Ruiz presents Renee Claunch with her CSR III certificate

About Renee, Ashley stated, “Renee took her CSR II test in February and she was eager to take her CSR III right after. I am so proud of her and all that she does at the branch!  Renee is an extraordinary team player, and she shows great compassion for Pioneer Bank and her co-workers.”


Ashley Ruiz presents Willie Sanchez with his CSR III certificate

“Willie recently became the Retail Banking Supervisor at Turner,” said Ashley.  “He still took it upon himself to take his CSR III test. I am very proud of his accomplishment!  Willie had made extraordinary strides in growing with Pioneer Bank.  He has nurtured himself from a teller position to Turner’s RBS.  His determination and efforts are commendable!”



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