Las Cruces / Pioneer Bank / Roswell

Buddy Ritter Retires from Board of Directors after 35 years


C.W. ‘Buddy’ Ritter is presented with a gift from Jon E. Hitchcock, Board President

#bestbank #retire C.W. ‘Buddy’ Ritter recently announce his retirement from the Pioneer Bank Board of Directors after 35 years.  A Las Cruces businessman, Mr. Ritter has helped Pioneer Bank grow to support nine communities throughout southeastern New Mexico, Texas and Colorado.

“Buddy has been an integral part of Pioneer Bank’s growth, having been a director for 35 years. ” stated Jon E. Hitchcock, Board President.   “We look forward to continue working with him on the local Advisory Board in the Las Cruces market.”

“C.W. (Buddy) Ritter retired from the Pioneer Bank Board of Directors after 34 years of service,” said Kiel Hoffman, Las Cruces Market President. “Buddy Ritter, the long-time owner of the Double Eagle de Mesilla has proudly represented the Las Cruces and El Paso markets for Pioneer Bank.  His experience in operating various hotels, restaurants,  other businesses and his other affiliations with non-profit organizations throughout the area has made Buddy an excellent Director. Although he retired from the Board he will remain an Advisory Director for both the Board of Directors and the local Advisory Board for Pioneer Bank. “

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