Pioneer Bank / Roswell

Our team members are dedicated and we are so proud to have them.


Steve Puntch, CEO; Mary Skinner; Christopher Palmer, President

This past week we were honored to present two longevity service awards to two Pioneer Bank team members.   Mary Skinner, Internal Auditor, was awarded her 20-year certificate and Gloria Lovato, Retail Banking Supervisor, her 5-year certificate.

“Mary’s knowledge and expertise is truly invaluable to Pioneer Bank.” says Davis Bennett, Internal Audit Director and Mary’s supervisor. “She is an employee that can be counted on to get the job done. She is very dependable and we rely on her tremendously.”

“Gloria is a hard worker. She has been the manager of 3 branches in Roswell; North, South and now Downtown,” stated Carolyn Bell, Retail Banking Manager/Training Officer.  “I am so happy to have Gloria on our Pioneer Team.  Gloria is a very quiet and easy going person, but is committed to doing her best for her team and Pioneer.”

Thank  you, ladies for choosing to be on Pioneer Banks team.  We look forward to many more years ahead.


Steve Puntch, CEO; Gloria Lovato; Christopher Palmer, President


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