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Keeping your account secure – beware of phishing scams.

phishingsecurityKeeping your accounts secure is a top priority at Pioneer Bank.   We have had instances where customers have been the victim of phishing scams.  If you provide someone access to your bank account, they can hijack your assets.  Many phishing scams ask for your SSN, mother’s maiden name, user name, password, date of birth, etc.  If anyone (even loan companies) start asking for items that seem out of the ordinary, such as your user name and password, that should raise a red flag and you should walk away.  There are steps you can take to help us.

  1. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD!  Pioneer Bank will never ask you for your password.  If you are dealing with another financial institution or loan company and they ask you for your user name and/or password, they are most likely not legitimate.  They may be posing as a trustworthy entity and will try to fool you into giving them valuable information.
  2. AVOID CLICKING THROUGH EMAILS. When you receive an email with a link to log in to your account, it is much safer to log into the website manually as many email scams may appear to be legitimate, but will actually redirect you to a site not affiliated with Pioneer Bank.  If you are ever unsure, you can contact us at 675-624-5200 and we can let you know if it was something we emailed.  Never respond to emails that ask to verify your identity by providing your username or password. Pioneer Bank will never ask for this information via email—at most, you will need to supply the answer to a security question and will do this over the phone with a personal banker.
  3. DO NOT LOG INTO YOUR ONLINE BANKING THROUGH A PUBLIC WI-FI.  Be sure you are on a secure connection before you enter your login information.  Unsecured wireless access points, such as those found at airports, coffee shops, and hotels, are easy to intercept and someone could easily collect your login information.
  4. CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD REGULARLY.  Pioneer Bank has implemented strong password requirements that require you to update every six months.  Learn more…
  5. MONITOR YOUR ACCOUNTS.  Log in on a regular basis and report any suspicious activity.


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