Las Cruces / Pioneer Bank

Celebrating 10 years!


Bank President, Christopher P. Palmer and SVP, Nicole R. Austin present Karissa Doan with her service award in Las Cruces.

We are so happy to recognize Karissa Doan — of our Las Cruces, Roadrunner branch — for helping our bank grow!  Karissa just celebrated 10 years of service to Pioneer Bank and we are so proud of her accomplishments.  Karissa is the epitome of a community banker.

“Karissa Doan is a perfect example of a great leader in our company,” says Kiel Hoffman, President, Pioneer Bank Las Cruces.  “Karissa does a great job operating her branch, making sure they provide great customer service while always meeting their new account goals.  She does this while also while being our Las Cruces Consumer Lender.  But in her spare time,  she really has taken the initiative and has gotten herself very involved in the community.  She is a superstar for many levels of the Chamber here and is out at events almost weekly.  Finally, she also attended a national leadership conference and intends to use her new tools to grow even more as a leader and share her experience with many others.  I’m blessed to have Karissa on my team.”

Karissa, thank you for all you do!  We look forward to many more years of working together.



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