Pioneer Bank / Ruidoso

Great job Ruidoso!


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Any company can say customer service is their number one priority, but at Pioneer Bank, we put our money where our mouth and show it!    Although this business customer asked to remain anonymous, he wanted to be sure we understood that our outstanding team in Ruidoso is irreplaceable. We are proud to be a community bank serving New Mexico and Texas.

“Within the last year I opened a business checking account with your bank, in Ruidoso.  The branch manager, Donna Kaler, set me up with my account and also a tax account.  She helped me get my checks and logo figured out and answered any questions I had or have had since.  I was very pleased then and am very pleased now.  Donna’s service was exceptional and she made me feel welcome to return to your bank decades after I had a savings account here in the 80’s.   The professionalism and expediency she showed should be recognized.

I love the tax account and the ability to transfer money to it without a lot of hassle, either in person at the branch or online from the home office.  Handling all my tax payments, federal and state electronically has been made easier,  Very convenient and one less worry for me, with my new construction corporation.  The fact that there is no service charge is awesome as well.

At the drive-through window I am usually greeted by Sonya.  She has shown an exceptional attitude and level of proficiency and always with a smile.  It seemed to be I need to point that out as well.  Linda and Roxie have also treated me well and they too need to be recognized.  Hope I am remembering everyone’s name to give credit to.  Ruidoso has a great team under that beautiful flag flying!

I did not want my name on the internet everywhere, so I did not post a review online.  I am more than happy to be listed as a VERY HAPPY construction business account holder in Ruidoso.”

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