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Thank you customers!

community-bank-thank-youAs we celebrate the end of Community Banking Month this April, we are proud to count PIONEER BANK among the more than 6,000 such institutions that have embarked on a 250-year tradition of relationship banking. At community banks, loans aren’t driven by the amount of fees and income they will bring the bank, but by the specific needs of our customer base and what’s in their best interests.

When visit our local communities, we can hold our head high in the knowledge that we didn’t sacrifice our integrity or the hard-earned trust of our customers on the altar of Wall Street’s quest for boundless profits.

Local, community banking—the kind we provide at PIONEER BANK — is built on something sturdier. It’s the foundation for a lifelong partnership, where the interests of all parties are valued. Ours is a bond nurtured through a lifetime of service—whether volunteering at a school fundraiser or spearheading a revitalization of downtown Main Street.

Is there any wonder then that community banks channel most of their loans to their depositors’ neighborhoods helping to keep local communities vibrant and growing? Is it surprising that as residents of New Mexico and Texas, as well as tax-paying citizens and business owners, we support the local infrastructure, making it a better place for all who live, work or worship here?

As locally based financial providers serving the people we see at PTA meetings and Little League baseball games, community bankers are accountable to our customers. It’s fundamental to our business structure and the key to our longevity. After all, more than 2,500 community banks have been in business for more than 100 years!

As we recognize the end of Community Banking Month, we want to thank our existing customers for their patronage and urge those who we hope to count as future customers to consider the benefits of banking locally:

  • Personal Service—66 percent of Americans want a more personal relationship with their financial institution
  • Hometown Support—$68 out of every $100 spent at locally owned businesses stays in the community.
  • Trusted Advisor—Community banks are the lender of choice for small businesses, above large banks, credit unions and nonbank lenders.
  • Local Credit Decisions—Community banks consider character, family history and discretionary spending when making loan decisions.

Stop by your local PIONEER BANK branch to discuss your financial situation and learn how a community bank can help you realize your financial dreams—and contribute to a more vibrant and sustainable economy in your community.

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