Pioneer Bank / Roswell

Thank you Matthew Burke!


Matthew Burke receives his Service Award from President & CEO Jon E. Hitchcock

Pioneer Bank recently thanked Matthew Burke, AVP and IT Manager, for 10 years of service to our organization.  “Matthew does an exceptional job keeping us between the lines in technology,” states Senior Vice President and CFO, Christopher Palmer. “This is a field where change happens all too quickly.”  Matthew is always ahead of the curve and is always staying on top of new technology and security.

Thank you, Matthew for all your hard work at Pioneer Bank.  We are grateful to have you on the team!

We also took this award opportunity to welcome new employees to our corporate office.  President and CEO, Jon E. Hitchcock welcomed Ryan Blanchard, Dolores Villanueva, Yajaira Moya, Nereida Gutierrez and Emolene Aguilar to the Pioneer Bank family.


Emolene Aguilar, Ryan Blanchard, Nereida Gutierrez, Yajaira Moya and Dolores Villanueva are welcomed to the family by President & CEO Jon E. Hitchcock


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