Pioneer Bank / Roswell

Our customers love us! #bestbank #customerservice

We love to hear from our customers to help us better improve our service and products!  This customer wished to remain anonymous, but she is in Roswell, and recently sent us her positive experience in our downtown Roswell branch.  We are very proud of our Pioneer family members, Carolyn Bell, Tiana Alvarez and Debbie Fallon.

“I write to compliment Pioneer Bank about the very helpful attitude I have experienced recently when I came to the Pioneer at 306 N. Pennsylvania in Roswell. After not having been in town for six years I found different staff but with the same pleasant and competent way of meeting clients’ banking needs, I knew from former years.

Carolyn Royster Bell, Roswell Operations Manager, Tiana Alvarez, Customer Service Representative, and her colleague, Debbie Fallon, gave full attention to dealing with a savings account, the setting up of new savings accounts and providing the banking information I needed in connection with my duties of Special Administrator for the estate of a deceased family member. All the while adhering to banking rules, they were genuinely client friendly and went the extra mile.

Please pass on my appreciation to the three ladies in particular.

Yours faithfully,


Thank you ladies, you make us proud!

Debbie Fallon, Carolyn Bell and Tiana Alvarez

Debbie Fallon, Carolyn Bell and Tiana Alvarez

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